Ageing and the City: Everyday Experiences of Older People in Urban Environments

What it means to grow older in cities is a question of increasing importance as world population ageing and urbanisation continue to accelerate. Older people and the cities within which they live, face numerous challenges across areas of health and social care, housing, transport, infrastructure, and the built environment. Cross-disciplinary and multi-levelled approaches are essential for understanding the current condition and development of cities and whether or not they are 'age friendly'. Recognising this need, this seminar series will bring together researchers, policy makers and practitioners from social and science fields – including architecture, public health, epidemiology, planning, local government and sociology – who influence the production of cities but who too rarely interact. Focused around notions of 'the everyday', speakers will reflect on how their work, experiences or research specifically engage with everyday urban environments, the age friendliness of these environments, and why, politically, socially and spatially, they think this is so.


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Theodora Bowering  (PhD Candidate, Centre for Urban Conflicts Research, Department of Architecture) 
Dr Stefanie Buckner  (Research Associate, Cambridge Institute of Public Health, School of Clinical Medicine) 
Dr Michael Jones  (Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning Research, Land Economy)
Calum Mattocks (Research Associate, Cambridge Institute for Public Health, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine)

Faculty Advisors

Dr Max Sternberg  (University Lecturer and Deputy Director for Centre for Urban Conflicts Research, Department of Architecture)
Dr Louise Lafortune  (Senior Research Associate and Scientific Coordinator, NIHR School for Public Health Research, Cambridge Institute of Public Health)
Dr Gemma Burgess  (Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, Land Economy) 

Programme 2017-18


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