14 Apr 2005 - 16 Apr 2005 All day Faculty of English, Sidgwick Site, Cambridge


Faculty of English, 9 West Road, Sidgwick Site, Cambridge

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The British Academy

Experimental pragmatics brings together researchers from linguistics, philosophy, psychology and neuropsychology who are interested in the cognitive basis of the domain of speech acts, implicature and speaker meaning. The field of experimental pragmatics is new. Most research in the area has been collaborative between experimentalists and linguists or philosophers. The benefits from such collaborations can and do flow to both sides.

This is the third in a series of workshops and conferences whose aims are to provide a platform for the dissemination of recent results in the field and also to draw in researchers from either the empirical or the analytical disciplines in order that new ideas may be exchanged and new alliances may be forged.

Alternate Papers:

Heiner Drenhaus, Peter beim Graben, Douglas Saddy & Stefan Frisch (Potsdam)
On the interaction between pragmatics and syntax: When a Negative Polarity Item is not licensed

Bernhard Fisseni, Robert van Rooij & Bernhard Schröder (Bonn & Amsterdam)
Experiments on Exhaustive Strengthening
Poster Presentation:

Fabian Battaglini (Utrecht)
Psychological validity vs logical validity

Anouschka Bergmann (Ohio)
The Prosody of Focus and Information Structure in Veneto Italian

Soile Loukusa, Nuala Ryder & Eeva Leinonen (Hertfordshire)
The development of pragmatic comprehension in 3-9-year-old Finnish speaking children

Alyson Pitts (Cambridge)
Assessing the evidence for intuitions about 'what is said'

Galit Sassoon (Tel Aviv)
Typicality: An Improved Analysis

Danijela Trenkic (York)
Variability in L2 article production: semantic and pragmatic factors

Anna Verbuk (UMass)
Acquisition of Supplementary Expressions


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