CRASSH welcomes enquiries from researchers who wish to apply via CRASSH for a research fellowship or a research grant funded by UKRI, the Leverhulme, the British Academy, the Wellcome Trust or other funding bodies. If your application is successful, your project will be hosted by CRASSH and will benefit from the highly interdisciplinary and innovative research environment we are able to provide.

For some schemes you may be eligible for funding even if you do not currently have a post at the University of Cambridge or one of its colleges. A useful list of funding opportunities in the arts, humanities and social sciences is available on the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Research website.

We are particularly keen to hear from applicants whose projects align with CRASSH’s strategic priorities. CRASSH promotes innovative research that:

  • breaks new ground, not only in the questions it poses but in its methods of enquiry or modes of communication
  • is ambitious in creating new partnerships and forms of participation or in reaching new publics
  • crosses disciplinary boundaries that are particularly entrenched, such as those between arts/humanities and the sciences
  • explores the relationship between academic and creative or artistic practices
  • creates inclusive forms of collaboration with scholars from the Global South and other regions and communities that are underrepresented in Cambridge

If we decide to support your application, we will draw on our experience to increase your application’s chances of success. This means that we will normally spend a good deal of time with you to help you develop your project, providing feedback on early drafts of your proposal and working out a detailed budget to submit to the funding body. For this reason, there is a limit on the number of applications we can support for any given funding round. If we receive more than this, we will prioritize those that are most fully developed at the point of enquiry and that align most clearly with CRASSH’s strategic priorities. You are advised therefore to contact the Director, Prof Joanna Page, as early as possible to check whether CRASSH can support an application, and certainly no later than 10 weeks before the funder deadline. Please check your eligibility for any specific funding opportunity carefully before contacting us.


Tel: +44 1223 766886