CRASSH works closely with the Schools of Arts and Humanities and Humanities and Social Sciences but is independent of any faculty or department. It comes under the School of Arts and Humanities for administrative purposes while continuing to work across both Schools. The Centre’s Management Committee oversees the policy and management of the Centre, meeting once a term throughout the year. For enquiries please contact Mette H Rokkum Jamasb, Centre Administrator.

Management Committee

  • Chair: Caroline Vout (Professor of Classics & Director of the Museum of Classical Archaeology)
  • Tim Harper (Chair, School of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Chris Young (Chair, School of Arts and Humanities)
  • Joanna Page (Professor of Latin American Studies)
  • Ricardo Sabates Aysa (Professor of Education and International Development, Faculty of Education)
  • Orietta Da Rold (Professor of Medieval Literature and Manuscript Studies, Faulty of English)
  • Rebecca Fitzgerald (Professor of Cancer Prevention, Department of Oncology)
  • Sriya Iyer (Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics)
  • Dacia Viejo Rose (Associate Professor in Heritage and the Politics of the Past, Department of Archaeology and Director, Cambridge Heritage Research Centre)
  • Bhaskar Vira (Professor of Political Economy, Department of Geography)
  • Sarah Dillon (Professor of Literature and the Public Humanities, Faculty of English)

Directors & Deputy Directors

2023 – present
Stuart Hogarth (Deputy Director: Assistant Professor in Sociology of Science and Technology, Department of Sociology)

2022 – present
Joanna Page (Professor of Latin American Studies)

2018 – 2022
Steven Connor FBA (Grace 2 Professor of English)

2017 – 2019
Jan-Melissa Schramm (Deputy Director; Professor of Literature and Law, Faculty of English)

2014 – 2017
Tim Lewens (Deputy Director; Professor of Philosophy of Science, Department of History and Philosophy of Science)

2011 – 2018
Simon Goldhill FBA (Professor in Greek Literature and Culture)

2009 – 2010
Andrew Webber (Acting Director; Professor of Modern German and Comparative Culture)

2005 – 2010
Mary Jacobus FBA CBE (Emeritus Grace 2 Professor of English)

2003 – 2005
Ludmilla Jordanova (Professor of Modern History, Durham University)

Ian Donaldson FBA (Emeritus Grace 1 Professor of English)
John Morrill FBA (Deputy Director; Professor of British and Irish History)


Tel: +44 1223 766886