3 Jul 2008 - 5 Jul 2008 All day CRASSH, 17 Mill Lane



Dr Claudia Bolgia (Lecturer in the History of European Art, University of Edinburgh)

with the assistance of
Dr Gianluca Raccagni (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of History, Cambridge)



Taking Rome as the pivotal point of enquiries, and covering a period of a thousand years, the conference proposes to explore the theme of cultural transmission across time (from ancient Rome to 'medieval' Rome) and/or space (from Rome to its 'neighbours' – Anglo-Saxon England, Carolingian Francia, Byzantium, Southern and Northern Italy, Gothic 'Europe' – and back to Rome itself).


The title, 'Ex Changes', aims to convey the reciprocity and mutual enrichment that derive from the transmission/reception of ideas and the processes of assimilation and transformation that secure and bring about cultural changes.


The interdisciplinary conference aims to centre on culture in its widest sense (including the legacy of Antiquity and the Classical Tradition, religious and political thought, liturgy and music, literacy, art and architecture), and explores how a wide range of cultural 'exports' developed a new independent life, which – in due course – was able in its turn to be influential in Rome itself. Discussed themes include, inter alia:

  • Imitation and recreation of Rome

  • Cultural transmission from the past to the present in Rome itself (i.e. from ancient Rome to medieval Rome)

  • Mechanisms that initiate and facilitate exchanges

  • Responses to cultural change and innovations (including resistance, misunderstanding, emulation)

  • Re-transmission of ideas

By bringing together scholars across a wide range of disciplines, articulating the quest across a number of case studies and wide time/place axes, and exploring how cultural exchanges work as catalysts for change in their turn, an implicit aim of the conference is to offer scholars an opportunity to engage each other, and their specialties, in a productive 'exchange' of ideas on the role of Rome in the transmission of culture throughout the Middle Ages.



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