7 Nov 2003 - 8 Nov 2003 All day Newnham College, Cambridge


The Old Labs, Newnham College, Cambridge

Conference co-sponsored by CRASSH (University of Cambridge)

This two-day workshop is intended to provide an introduction to CRASSH's Migration year and will focus primarily on migrants themselves and migrant communities in the past. Although official reaction to and attempts to control the departure, arrival, settlement and employment of immigrant groups are important themes, the workshop will be concerned more with the migrants as individuals, families and groups and their defining characteristics. Thus their motives for moving, the formation of identity once established in their new home, integration of 'the other', the hosts' perception of migrant groups, the migrants' attitudes to their original homelands once settled in a new country, the problems of ethnicity and assimilation, and the social, cultural, economic religious and political impact or influence of the migrants on their hosts and vice versa can all be addressed. The papers will be short, 15-20 minute discussion papers with the object of providing a range of specific case studies to illustrate the wider themes. There will be ample time built into the programme for discussion among all the participants.

Speakers include Richard Drayton, David Feldman, Tim Harper, Rosamond McKitterick, John Morrill, Peter Sarris, Robert Tombs.

David Feldman, CRASSH, University of Cambridge, and Birkbeck College, London
Rosamond McKitterick, History, University of Cambridge
John Morrill, CRASSH, University of Cambridge



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