8 Jul 2002 - 9 Jul 2002 All day Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge


    An Interdisciplinary Colloquium

Lucy Cavendish College, CambridgeColloquium sponsored by CRASSH (University of Cambridge)

This colloquium represents the continuation of an ongoing CRASSH-sponsored project, The Histories and Cultures of Psychoanalysis.   Tales of Terror – broadly conceived to include both states of terror and terrorism, psychosis and war, anxiety and the act, trauma and history – will investigate a range of themes and material from a psychoanalytic perspective. Focusing on both case-histories and clinical work, nightmares and films, literary and political writings, participants drawn from different disciplines examine aspects of terror in the light of recent events. What stories does psychoanalysis tell about the different forms of terror, and how does the discourse of psychoanalysis incorporate terror? Papers will be pre-circulated to registrants in order to maximize discussion during the two days of the colloquium. International and UK based participants include academics and clinicians along with current participants from the Cambridge-based interdisciplinary research group which has been meeting this year.

Professor Mary Jacobus (Faculty of English)
Professor John Forrester (Department of History and Philosophy of Science)

Outside Participants

    * Cathy Caruth (Comparative Literature, Emory University) Richard's Hand
    * Caroline Garland (Psychoanalyst, Tavistock Clinic and British Psychoanalytic Society) Vengeance and Sacrifice in the Therapeutic Setting
    * Adam Phillips (Psychoanalyst and writer) Nothing Desired: A Version of Pastoral
    * Renata Salecl (Law, University of Ljubljana and LSE) Anxiety and the New Age of Terror
    * David Trotter (English, UCL and Cambridge University) Phobia in Literary and Psychiatric Narratives of the First World War Period

Cambridge-based participants

    * Victoria Best (MML) Representing Nightmares: Anxiety, Vulnerability and Extreme Experience
    * Santanu Das (English) “Hell is Mud”: The Threat of Matter in First World War Literature
    * John Forrester (HPS) War in the Mind
    * Mary Jacobus (English) Prometheus on the Couch: Bion and the Aesthetics of Terror
    * Sarah Kay (MML) The Real of the Act: Narrative and Analysis in Zizek's Political Thought
    * Ian Patterson (English) Violence, Terror, Anxiety: the Lyric Subject in English Poetry of the 1930s
    * Anita Sokolsky (English) Fanaticism and Melancholy in Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France
    * Steve Tifft (English) Tails of Terror: The Political Virulence of the Excremental in the Ubu roi Riots Andrew Webber (MML) Crash: Accident and Transplant in Early Film


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