9 Jul 2009 - 11 Jul 2009 All day CRASSH Seminar Room, 17 Mill Lane



Deborah Howard, Department of History of Art, Cambridge (more info can be found here)
Laura Moretti, Worcester College, Oxford
Sophie Pickford, University of Cambridge 

The principal aim of the conference is to explore connections between music, performance and space in the Early Modern secular realm, focusing on Early Modern France and Italy, c. 1500-1650. Its principal focus is to define strategies for the reinstatement of the aural dimension into the study of the domestic interior.    France and Italy have been chosen both because of their close cultural connections in the period, and on account of the rapid development in both countries of new musical genres for domestic settings. The music includes both secular and sacred compositions, while the spaces to be studied range from bourgeois dwellings to courtly music rooms and small theatres.  

The period is remarkable for the growing importance of music in domestic life. Spaces specifically designed for music begin to appear in private dwellings, while existing rooms become adapted for the purpose. In elite circles performance gradually shifts from amateur music-making to concerts by paid musicians. Meanwhile, the rapid growth of printing makes sophisticated music by court composers available to lower levels of society.
The conference will draw together leading experts from architectural history, art history and musicology, as well as musicians specialising in early music, curators of period instruments, acousticians and lute and string makers. This will be an unprecedented gathering of international specialists concerned with domestic music in private space in the Early Modern Period. 



Guido Beltramini, Centro di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio, Venice
Tarek Berrada, Université de Paris Sorbonne – Paris IV
Davide Bonsi, Laboratorio di Acustica,Fondazione Scuola di San Giorgio, Venice
Tracy  Cooper, Temple University, USA
Flora Dennis, University of Sussex
Iain Fenlon, University of Cambridge
Patricia Fortini Brown, Princeton University
Deborah  Howard, University of Cambridge
Michael Lowe,  Lute-maker, Wotton-by-Woodstock
Michael Markham, State University of NY
Arnaldo Morelli, Università degli Studi dell’Aquila
Laura Moretti, University of Oxford
Tessa Murdoch, Victoria and Albert Museum
Raf Orlowski, Arup Acoustics, Cambridge
Mimmo Peruffo, String-maker, Aquila, Italy
Sophie Pickford, University of Cambridge
Giovanni Zanovello, Indiana University Bloomington

Student bursaries

There are five British Academy student bursaries of £50 available for covering expenses related to conference attendance . Please address applications to the conveners, stating your degree, university, research interests and why you are interested in attending the event, and send them to Sam Mather, Conference Programme Manager, CRASSH (sjrm2@cam.ac.uk) . All applications should be no longer than 250 words.



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