18 Feb 2010 12:00pm - 2:00pm CRASSH 17 Mill Lane


What is sustainability? The idea of sustainability has developed a paradox at its centre during its reformulation as 'sustainable development'. This seminar asks: what are the possibilities of architecture and design to turn this paradox into a productive challenge?
Technological solutions are only a partial answer, and the production of a product or building does not have to be the main pursuit of sustainable design. System innovation and the design of processes – design without the production of artefacts, as well as of the production processes of artefacts – will form the basis of one of the day's presentations; another will explore what the physical implications of a holistic sustainable philosophy are on the architecture of cutting-edge, resource-intensive international science. From the scale of a product to the settings of architecture, this session is an opportunity to add to the stock of viable and productive ways to respond to the challenge of designing sustainably.


Berhard Dusch, Design Management Group, IfM, Graduate Researcher (Co-ordinator)                 
Mapping sustainable design strategies – the development of a compound framework

Alison McDougall-Weil, Design Practice Group, Engineering Design Centre, Graduate Researcher (Co-ordinator)
The architecture of science: holistic sustainability in practice

Third speaker TBC (social sciences)



Open to all.  No registration required

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