19 Jun 2002 - 20 Jun 2002 All day Old Syndics' Building, Mill Lane


Workshop organised by CRASSH (University of Cambridge) with the support of The French Cultural Delegation in Cambridge and The French Embassy, London

On 19th June, a Workshop will be held to plan an Integrated Research Project on the subject of Religious Movements, Ethnicity and Citizenship. This takes place in the cycle of the European Commission’s ‘6th Framework Programme of Research’ for which the Commission is seeking ‘Expressions of Interest’.

The workshop is sponsored by CRASSH as part of its support for the project on Fundamentalism and Secularism coordinated by David Lehmann of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences. The Workshop has also received support from the French Cultural Delegation in Cambridge and the French Embassy, London

The workshop brings together a group of sociologists, anthropologists and political scientists based in the UK and in France, with additional representatives from Italy and Germany and the USA. The issues under consideration are the relationship between religious and ethnic renewal in Europe and outside, the problems this may pose for standard versions of liberal democracy, the disjuncture between external perceptions of religious renewal and the perceptions of those involved in the movements or in the culture of renewal, and how religious and ethnic renewal relate to relations between generations in immigrant populations.
Participants in the Workshop and Proposed Network

UK: David Lehmann, Bryan Turner, Raj Chandarvarkar, Tim Jenkins (University of Cambridge); Grace Davie (University of Exeter)*; Pnina Werbner and David Maxwell (University of Keele) , Yunus Samad (Bradford University)

France: Christophe Jaffrelot, Patrick Michel (CERI, Ecole des Sciences Politiques); Malika Zeghal (Centre d’Etudes Interdisciplinaires des Faits Religieux); Amina Mohammed (CEIAS Centre for Indian and South Asian Studies); Laurence Louer (CERI)

Italy: Enzo Pace (University of Padova)

Germany: Jamal Malik (University of Erfurt)*; Nikola Tietze (Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung and CADIS, Paris)

Holland: Birgit Meyer (University of Amsterdam)*

Israel: Batia Siebzehner and Nurit Stadler* (Hebrew University); Ornit Shani (Tel-Aviv and Cambridge Universities)

Egypt: Mona Abaza (American University of Cairo)*

United States/France: Jocelyne Cesari (Harvard University)

(Persons whose names are marked with an asterisk are part of the network but unable to attend the meeting.)

Dr David Lehmann (Department of Social and Political Sciences)


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