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Dr. Filomena de Sousa, Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge






The paper explores women challenges in the context of eugenics. I describe how the early feminist movement in Britain and the US used eugenics as a forum for fostering social emancipation, family-planning and sexual education policy. The first part of the paper focus on early feminist trajectories that reconfigured an agenda setting the scene for legislation and policies from which women now benefit.

The second section covers:

 – Divergence between coercive policies of normative reproduction and agendas for sexual and reproductive     enfranchisement featured in feminist eugenics.



– Possible harm treatment and prevention versus enhancement.



–  Lessons for political, ethical and economic policy in the context of contemporary genetics and new reproduction possibilities.





Dr. Filomena de Sousa has a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science from Université du Québec à Montréal, affiliated with the Technical University of Lisbon as a research fellow sponsored by The Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Currently a visiting scholar in the Faculty of Economics, Cambridge University, she is doing research on evolutionary models in social science and economics, part of the project addresses bioethical issues related to sustainable development.




Publications include:


The History of an Interdisciplinary Cross-fertilisation: Cognitive Science and Economics. In Lilia Gurova and Laszlo Ropolyi (eds.), Alternative Histories of Cognitive Science. Budapest dmiai Kiado (2010).


A note on the extension of Neo-Darwinism to economics and social theory».  In Henry Frendo, (ed.), The European Mind: Narrative and Identity, Vol. I, part 1. Malta: Malta University Press (2008).

The Role of Evolutionary Theories in the Study of Human and Animal Behaviour: Conditional Cooperators and Strong Reciprocators. In Biological Explanations of Behaviour, Pre-Print Series in the Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh (2008).


Knowledge and Rules: Hayek's social theorising in later work. Notes de recherche du Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur la science et la technologie – UQAM,  2002 – 05 (2002).


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