5 Nov 2004 - 6 Nov 2004 All day Faculty of English


A collaborative conference on the future of English Studies

New English Faculty Building, 9 West Road, Cambridge


'English is the least subject-like of subjects… No single set of informing ideas dominate its heartland.
No one can confidently map its frontiers: it colonises and is colonised.'

As increasing numbers of scholars move towards “interdisciplinary” or “transdisciplinary” work, what is the future for “disciplinarity”? What does it mean to do literary research today and why do we do it? What are the boundaries of English as a discipline and how useful are they? What is the role of academic literary research in the wider intellectual community? The English faculties of Cambridge University, Anglia Polytechnic University and Queen Mary, University of London are organising a two-day graduate conference that aims to consider the current state of the discipline and its future prospects. The conference will provide a relaxed and interactive forum in which graduate students can probe these questions with graduates from other institutions, with faculty members from the three host universities, and with recent former Ph.D. students who will be acting as guest facilitators. The conference will combine panels of students' papers with round-table discussions and workshop sessions.

Supported by:   AHRB    and  Abenooks.CO.UK


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