Introduction: Religious Diversity and the Secular University

We look forward to welcoming the scholars of the CRASSH Summer School Religious Diversity and the Secular University to Cambridge.

In July 2018, outstanding early career scholars will participate in a two-week CRASSH Summer School devoted to some of the most critical issues in the emergence of the modern university and one of the most fraught problems of our historical moment: the related questions of secularism and religious diversity.

Four world-class senior scholars in residence will lead the workshop: 

Junior scholars will work with the scholars in residence as well as with the members of the CRASSH research project Religious Diversity and the Secular University. They are Simon Goldhill (CRASSH Director and Project Director), Theodor Dunkelgrün (Senior Research Associate and Academic Co-Ordinator) and Sami Everett (Research Associate). Together, they will read closely a set of primary sources selected by the senior scholars and engage critically with work in progress by each participant.  

Scholars will be blogging from the Summer School. Please watch this space, as we’ll be adding new posts here.

The Summer School will run from July 2 to July 13, 2018 and is part of the Religious Diversity and the Secular University project, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. 


Posted: Thursday 14 June 2018

Contributor: CRASSH News

Introduction: Religious Diversity and the Secular University

Genesis 1 in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, Samaritan, Syriac, Arabic and seven different Latin versions, from the London Polyglot Bible, edited by Brian Walton (1657)

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