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Dr Ruth Jackson is a research associate on the ERC-funded project ‘The Bible and Antiquity in Nineteenth-Century Culture’.

Her PhD research focused on the work of Friedrich Schleiermacher, who was a nineteenth-century German theologian, philosopher, and hermeneutist. Ruth’s dissertation challenged the all too often received view of Schleiermacher, that he is a theologian of ‘feeling’ and personal experience, who detrimentally prioritizes the inward and the emotional in religion. The dissertation, which Ruth is now preparing as a book manuscript, was written under the supervision of Professor Janet Soskice (University of Cambridge).

Studying the polymath Schleiermacher has enabled Ruth to access 18th and 19th-century Germany from a cross-disciplinary angle. Her writing and research sits at the intersection of theology, philosophy, literature, and intellectual history. She is especially interested in Schleiermacher’s distinctive understanding of Plato, his ground-breaking work in hermeneutical theory, and how these two things relate in turn to the way that Schleiermacher read and understood the Bible.

Ruth has undertaken all of her academic training at the University of Cambridge, where she has been based in the Faculty of Divinity. Alongside her research post at CRASSH, she is the Director of Studies in Theology & Religious Studies at Corpus Christi College, supervises undergraduates in theology & Philosophy of Religion, and offers lectures on Schleiermacher for a second-year paper in Christian Theology. For the academic year 2014-15 she was the MPhil Co-ordinator in Modern Theology. Since 2013, she also has co-run a Reading Group in twentieth-century continental philosophy and political thought. 


In Progress

— Religion In the Midst of Things: Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Theology of Finitude. Book manuscript based on my PhD dissertation in final preparation. Upon completion in September 2017 it will go for immediate review with Brill, where the book proposal has already been considered.

— ‘The Doctrine of Creation and the Problem of the Miraculous in the Modern Theology of Friedrich Schleiermacher’. Invited chapter for volume on Creatio ex Nihilo and Modern Theology, edited by Gary Anderson, and currently under review with the University of Notre Dame Press.

Academic Articles, Book Chapters & Essays

— ‘On Gender and Theology in the Mode of Retrieval’. In Theologies of Retrieval, edited by Darren Sarisky (London: Bloomsbury, forthcoming 2017). [Invited]

— ‘Photography, Finitude, and the Human Self through Time’, Telos (forthcoming, 2016). [Peer- reviewed]

— ‘Creation, Temporality and the Lord’s Supper in Friedrich Schleiermacher’s Dogmatic Theology’, Theology 116 (September/October 2013) : 332–340. [Peer-reviewed]

— ‘The Gospel According to Johannes de Silentio’, Noesis: Theology, Philosophy, Poetics 3 (June 2016) . [Invited]

Recent Book Reviews & Review Essays

— Review of ‘The Suspended Middle: Henri de Lubac and the Renewed Split in Modern Catholic Theology’, by John Milbank (2nd Ed.). Anglican Theological Review (forthcoming, 2016).

— ‘Of Life & Work’, Noesis: Theology, Philosophy, Poetics 2 (June 2015).

— Review of ‘Theology and Philosophy; Faith and Reason’, edited by Crisp et al., Colloquium, The Australian and New Zealand Theological Review 46, no. 2 (Nov. 2014): 255-257.

— ‘Review of Embedded Grace: Christ, History, and the Reign of God in Schleiermacher’s Dogmatics’, by Kevin M. Vander Schel. Reviews in Religion and Theology 21, Issue 3, (July 2014): 410–412.

— Review of ‘Merleau-Ponty and Theology’, by Christopher Ben Simpson, Reviews in Religion and Theology 21, Issue 3, (July 2014): 391–393.


Bible and Antiquity, Researcher


August 2015 - December 2017


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