I think that an intellectual community that helps you become a better, smarter, and more articulate version of yourself is hard to find. That’s what I found at CRASSH.
– Christopher Nygren, Visiting Fellow, Michaelmas 2017

CRASSH invites applications for Visiting Fellowships, to be held for one term (2-3 months), two terms (5-6 months), or three terms (9 months). A longer period of 11 months is also offered provided that the start date of the stay coincides with the start of a term at the university.

These self-funded Fellowships are open to any scholar from outside the University of Cambridge working in a field that falls broadly within the arts, humanities, or social sciences. Interdisciplinary scholars working on subjects involving medicine, engineering or the natural sciences are also welcome. Visiting Fellows are given a desk at CRASSH, IT support, and full access to libraries and other collections at the University of Cambridge.

Visiting Fellows come to pursue their independent research and CRASSH does not provide any academic supervision. However, Fellows are expected to play a part in CRASSH’s research community and encouraged to participate in a range of events.

If you wish to come to Cambridge for a shorter period of time during the summer months (July, August, September), you may apply to come as a Summer Visitor.

Enquiries should be directed to fellowships@crassh.cam.ac.uk.

Duration of Fellowships

There are three entry points during the academic year for Visiting Fellows:

  • beginning of October (for the Michaelmas Term)
  • middle of January (for the Lent Term)
  • middle of April (for the Easter Term)

For precise start dates, please refer to the published University term dates. A Visiting Fellow must arrive by the Sunday before the Tuesday listed as the first day of term. They may arrive up to two weeks earlier than this if they wish, if space is available, but the Visiting Fellowship programme (including all events for Fellows) will begin in the first week of term.

One-term Visiting Fellowship (entry in October, January or April): A Visiting Fellowship must end no earlier than the last day of term (see University term dates). Fellows may stay for up to another four weeks beyond the end of term if they wish, or a little longer if space is available.

Two-term Visiting Fellowship (entry in October or January) : Visiting Fellows should remain in Cambridge until the last day of the second term. Fellows may stay for up to another four weeks beyond the end of term if they wish, or a little longer if space is available.

Three-term Visiting Fellowship (entry in October only): Visiting Fellows should remain in Cambridge until the last day of the third term. If they wish to start earlier in the summer or end later in the summer, they should request to extend their Fellowship by becoming a Summer Visitor.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • Visiting Fellows must have been awarded a PhD before application.
  • Visiting Fellows must be working in a field that falls broadly within the arts, humanities, or social sciences (interdisciplinary approaches involving medicine, engineering or the natural sciences are also welcome).
  • Fellows will be selected on the basis of academic merit. Some regard will also be given to connections between their work and CRASSH’s broader mission.

How to apply

Applications are currently closed. The application portal will re-open at the end of summer.

Applications can only be accepted via the application system. The following information will be required:

  • a curriculum vitae
  • a covering letter explaining your reasons for choosing CRASSH, your preferred dates, and confirmation that you have funding in place
  • the names of at least one and up to two members of academic staff at the University of Cambridge that you wish to be in contact with while you are here. Academic staff are listed under individual departments and faculties on their websites. You may find the following directories helpful:
    1. institutions in the School of Arts and Humanities
    2. institutions in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • a statement between 800 and 1000 words outlining a research proposal for the time you wish to spend at CRASSH
  • (e.g. a journal article), which may be published or unpublished

Applicants should also request a referee to submit a letter of recommendation to the application system by the same deadline. They should therefore initiate an application and register the details of a referee at least two weeks before the deadline, as referees will be sent an automated prompt to upload a confidential reference to the system.

Please email fellowships@crassh.cam.ac.uk if you experience any technical difficulties with the system.

Application Deadlines

Upcoming application deadlines are listed below.

Application deadline Fellowships to be held Summer Visitors
1 November 2024 between October 2025 and June 2026
  • July-September 2025
    (if spaces are available)
  • July-September 2026
1 November 2025 between October 2026 and June 2027
  • July-September 2026
    (if spaces are available)
  • July-September 2027

Fellowship T&Cs

  • Visiting Fellows are expected to be in residence in Cambridge during the entire period of the Fellowship. Short trips may be taken for research purposes (to give lectures, attend conferences or consult archives, for example) by prior arrangement with the Director. Permission will also be given for short visits home for personal reasons.
  • Visiting Fellows are expected to become active participants in the CRASSH research community. As a minimum requirement, they are expected to attend the Research Practice seminars held weekly during term, and to lead one of these.
  • Visiting Fellows must have their own funding in place before arrival to cover travel, accommodation, living expenses, and a visitors’ fee, which is levied at the set University rate of £2,400 per year, £720 per term, or £90 per week outside of term-time. All charges are exclusive of 20% VAT (if applicable). This fee goes towards the cost of administrating the Fellowships programme, library access, provision of a University card and email address, IT support, event organization, and catering for relevant events.
  • All Visiting Fellows must have valid travel and health insurance in place.

These guidelines are subject to change to stay in line with University of Cambridge guidance.

Please email fellowships@crassh.cam.ac.uk for enquiries.

Summer Visitors

It is possible to apply to spend time at CRASSH in July, August and/or September as a Summer Visitor. Few events are held during this period, which is vacation time in Cambridge, and many members of academic staff are away, so there are more limited opportunities for interaction. But you may still use desk space at CRASSH and access the University’s libraries and other collections.

The application process, application deadlines, and visitor’s fee are exactly as for the Visiting Fellowship programme, but Summer Visitors are not expected to lead seminars (as the series does not take place over the summer). Summer Visitors may spend between one week and twelve weeks at CRASSH, depending on the availability of desks.

Current fellows


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