Funding Opportunities

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Opportunities for Cambridge faculty members and graduate students

Conference Support

CRASSH supports an annual programme of conferences and workshops which may or may not be related to the Centre's theme and initiatives. Funding of up to £2,500, plus administrative support is available to college and university faculty and graduate students of the University of Cambridge. There is one deadline annually, during Lent Term, for all conferences that will take place in the following academic year (September - July). 
The competition for 2021-22 is now closed.

Research Networks

The Research Networks Programme supports groups of Cambridge graduate students and Cambridge based academics working together with a common interdisciplinary research interest. Some of the networks develop in grant project. Networks are selected by competition in May to run in the next academic year (October - June). The package offers funding of up to £1,500 per academic year, plus administrative support. Activities may include seminars, reading/discussion groups, short visits by speakers to Cambridge and we also provide a regular slot in the seminar rooms in the Alison Richard Building.
The funding competition for 2020-21 is now open.

Research Grant Applications at CRASSH

CRASSH is interested in continuing its rolling programme of interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects and welcomes approaches from academics who would like to base their projects in our unique research environment.  Normally, we spend a good deal of time developing projects together, to fit with our interdisciplinary collaborative agenda and to increase the chance of the grant application succeeding, making use of our considerable experience. Consequently, it is advisable to make contact as early as possible with the Director, Steven Connor, no later than three months before the deadline.   

Centre for the Humanities and Social Change Funding Competition

The Centre for the Humanities and Social Change will explore the question of how technology, scientific knowledge and society interact. Funded for five years through the generous donation of the Humanities and Social Change International Foundation, the Centre is currently one of three international centres. The other centres are at the University of California Santa Barbara and Ca Foscari University of Venice. 
The competition has now closed.

Crausaz Wordsworth Interdisciplinary Fellowship in Philosophy

The aim of this Fellowship is to enable scholars developing interests in philosophical study from an interdisciplinary perspective to spend additional time exploring these.
The competition to select a Fellow for 2021-22 has now closed. 

Early Career Fellowships

The Early Career Fellowship Scheme, sponsored jointly by CRASSH and the Schools of Arts and Humanities (CSAH) and Humanities and Social Sciences, enables early-career academics to take a term away from teaching in order to start a new project, with the Centre providing an inspirational collaborative environment for new work.
The competition to select the Fellows for 2021-22 has now closed.

CRASSH/SCAS/ProFutura Fellowships

The CRASSH ProFutura fellowship is a three-year research fellowship offered in collaboration with the Swedish Collegium of Advanced Study (SCAS) in Uppsala and generously funded by the Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). Each year, CRASSH is invited to recommend up to two Cambridge scholars to the main competition for ProFutura Scienta Fellowships. The fellowship is open to early-career Cambridge University Teaching Officers (defined as between 2-8 years after PhD at the time of application). Eligible scholars must be supported by their head of department. There is no limitation of subjects within arts, social sciences and humanities.
The competition to select our nominations for 2022-25 fellowships is now closed.

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships

Prospective applicants to fellowship schemes who would like to be based at CRASSH are advised to contact the Director or Deputy-Director by the deadline indicated for the specific scheme, and in any case no later than six weeks before the deadline in order that the Selection Committee can approve the affiliation.    

The Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships

The deadline to apply to CRASSH for a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship competition has now passed and we are no longer accepting applications. 

Funding opportunities for scholars outside Cambridge

The Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowships

The deadline to apply to CRASSH for a Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship competition has now passed and we are no longer accepting applications. 

Visiting Fellowships

Visiting Fellowships are designed to support the Centre's research interests, projects, and activities. Depending on the Fellowship,  Fellows are usually given desk space in the Centre as well as certain practical assistance in their research. CRASSH can assist in arranging accommodation in a College, and enable access to the University Library and other departmental libraries.  CRASSH may also support visitors who come to Cambridge for a period of days or weeks in order to participate in a particular activity organised by the Centre. If you have your own funding in place you should apply to the Centre well in advance of your intended visit.
CRASSH is no longer accepting applications for the University year 2021-22. If you wish to make enquiries please email

Quentin-Skinner Fellowship

The Quentin-Skinner scholar holds a Visiting Fellowship at CRASSH  for one term during the academic year. He/she presents the Quentin-Skinner lecture and participates in the related symposium organised with the Faculty of History during the academic year of attendance.
Due to the pandemic and the necessary deferral of our 2020-21 Fellow to 2021-2022, this competition will not run this year. 

Charles Wallace India Trust Fellowship

The scheme is intended for earlier-career academics from India (defined as resident and domiciled in India, between the ages of 25 and 45 years). Research proposals may be in any field within the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, with an emphasis on disciplinary innovation and cross-disciplinary enquiry.
Due to Covid-19 the competition to select a Fellow for 2021-22 will not go ahead this year. A competition to select a Fellow for 2022-23 will open in autumn 2021.