We have collated the latest books and publications by our researchers and fellows and bring you a range of titles hinting at the breadth and depth of interdisciplinary research at CRASSH. Take a look at the associated Q&As to find out more.

Summer Reads, Annie Zaidi

Bread Cement Cactus: 5 Questions to Annie Zaidi

‘I used to think it was hilarious: to survive only to be prosecuted. I was too young to know what people did – or were willing to do – to survive. I didn’t fully understand private property or what legislating water or land meant. I did know that prosecution meant being hauled off by the police, and perhaps jailed. I didn’t know what jail meant except what I saw in movies – it was a place everyone wore uniforms and always wanted to escape.’

Summer Reads Karen Pinkus

Clocking Out: 5 Questions to Karen Pinkus

‘In this wonderfully inventive and beautifully written book, Karen Pinkus adopts a cinematic lens to capture the dynamism of cultural production and social life in early 1960s Italy. But the questions she investigates – about the transformations of work by technology, the relations between humans and machines, and the powers of cinema for social analysis – are just as urgent for understanding today’s social world.’

Summer Reads Brahma Prakash

Cultural Labour: Conceptualizing the ‘Folk Performance’ in India: 5 Questions to Brahma Prakash

‘Cultural Labour challenges the notion that art and labour are two relatively autonomous undertakings.’

The Bad Trip: 5 Questions to James Riley

‘A brilliant and trenchant cultural history published 50 years after the action – The Bad Trip plots an eccentric course through the music, art, and film scenes of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Along the way, it tells the often strange stories of some of the period’s most compelling figures as they approached the end of the decade and looked to the new worlds ahead of them.’

The Impossible Clinic: A Critical Sociology of Evidence-based Medicine: 5 Questions to A Hanemaayer

‘My interest in the nature of evidence in-clinic decision-making probably began very early in my life. Between being a poorly child and also an athlete, I spent a lot of time in hospitals and with specialists.’

Translation and Multimodality: Beyond Words: 5 Questions to the Editors

‘Translation and Multimodality: Beyond Words takes us a step further in exploring the impact of multimodality studies on more diverse forms of translation.’

Summer Reads Steven Connor

Giving Way: 5 Questions to Steven Connor

‘Giving Way offers a powerful defence of civility, the versatile human capacity to deflect aggression into sociability and to exercise power over power itself.’

Summer Reads Subha Mukerji

Knowing Faith: 5 Questions to Subha Mukherji

‘The primary aim of Knowing Faith is to uncover the intervention of literary approaches in the early modern cultural debates about religious knowledge: why we need it, how to get there, where to stop, and how to recognise it once it has been attained.’

Summer Reads Steven Connor

The Madness of Knowledge: 5 Questions to Steven Connor

‘My book aims to offer some ways of thinking about how and why we care for knowledge, and some of the rather delinquent feelings we have about it, through the vehicle of what I call epistemopathy.’

Summer Reads Ruth Jackson

The Veiled God: 5 Questions to Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft

‘I started to become engrossed in Schleiermacher’s writings when I saw he could act as a kind of window through which to study a whole host of trends and institutions in turn-of-the-century Prussia.’



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