‘The Most Liberal of All Ideas’: The Holy Alliance and the History of Global Order

10 June 2022, 11:00 - 19:00


This event was due to take place in June 2020 but due to the pandemic has had to be postponed twice.  We are therefore delighted that we will now be welcoming our Quentin Skinner Fellow 2021-2022 (deferred from 2019-20) Dr Isaac Nakhimovsky,  to CRASSH in Easter term 2022 when he will present this lecture with associated symposium. 

The post-Napoleonic Holy Alliance is often described as the reactionary foil for the emergence of a new order of democratic nation-states. This lecture challenges histories built on that assumption by explaining why, initially, the Holy Alliance was seen as the dawning of a liberal future and the founding of a federal Europe. In presenting a new perspective on the intellectual history of the Holy Alliance, the lecture offers a fresh map for navigating political and intellectual debates about European integration and global order through the twentieth century.

This event is organised with support from the Faculty of History in Cambridge and CRASSH. For any queries  please contact fellowships@crassh.cam.ac.uk.

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