3 Jun 2016 12:30pm - 2:00pm


This is a compulsory session only for those people who have registered for the CRASSH Postdoctoral Mentoring Scheme 2016. Dr Steve Joy of the Careers Service will run the session, introducing the scheme and what it wll involve. A sandwich lunch will be provided. For further information about the Mentoring Scheme and how to apply please click on the tab above.



For administrative enquiries please contact Michelle Maciejewska.

PhD/Post-Doc Mentoring Scheme 2016

“I am very glad to welcome this excellent initiative. The opportunity for doctoral students and postdocs to interact in this way will be enriching for both sides, and help to release the huge potential that is embedded in our postgraduate community in Cambridge.”

Professor Steve Connor, Grace 2 Professor of English, Cambridge


This mentoring programme is intended to support doctoral students as they negotiate the challenges of a rigorous and sometimes isolating academic programme; and to help post-docs become knowledgeable, experienced mentors.

The programme is open to post-docs across Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, and doctoral students in English and HPS (we hope to extend this to other faculties soon).

Whether you've had some experience with mentoring, or even none, this programme offers you the chance to refine your understanding of it and gain valuable experience with the support of experienced mentors at CRASSH and the Careers Service.

– As a post-doc you'll have the opportunity to support doctoral students and build mentoring skills (both great things to have on your CV) including getting a sense of what a mentoring relationship is and can be, and its benefits to you and the person you are supporting.

– As a doctoral student you'll have the chance to talk directly with someone who is navigating the demands of early career life, from research to job applications, from network-building to goal-setting (to give just a few examples), and to think about life within and beyond the doctorate.

The relationship will be yours to develop. CRASSH will offer an initial matching of post-doc and doctoral student, and an introductory session (over lunch) for everyone involved outlining what mentoring is, how to go about it, what you might expect, and some useful questions to ask yourself before you begin. You'll also have the chance to reflect on what you gained from the process, and what you might improve on, at an end-of-programme session (also with lunch!) in November 2016.


Dr Alison Wood and Dr Rachel Holmes

To register please complete the form  here (for doctoral student) or here (for post-doc)  and send to the organisers by  20 May 2016.


  • 3 June, 12.30-2pm, CRASSH. A compulsory session ‘Introduction to Mentoring’ with Dr Steve Joy (Careers Service). Lunch provided
  • June-November: Mentoring
  • End November, CRASSH. Lunch-time follow up session


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Email enquiries@crassh.cam.ac.uk