20 May 2022 14:00 - 16:00 Online


Global Belly_Zoom by Flinn Works: a Zoom performance about transnational surrogacy

An event organised by the Global Conversations Towards Queer Social Justice research network.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please register only if you are planning to attend, as the number of participants is limited. We are able to provide the tickets for free thanks to the funding from CRASSH, lgbtQ+@cam, and ReproSoc.

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Theme 2: Queer reproductive justice

Flinn Works: Global Belly_Zoom
A Zoom Performance About Transnational Surrogacy

Global Belly_Zoom portrays people embroiled in the surrogacy industry. Professional agents meet content surrogates and argumentative feminists encounter loving fathers-to-be. With its ethical complexity and emotional polarisation, its legal grey zones and its medical realities the industry comes alive on the Zoom stage.

Global Belly_Zoom is the digital version of the stage play Global Belly. People from all over the world can participate and interact in the performance. How involved you become as an audience member is up to you.

Flinn Works is an award-winning independent theatre company from Berlin, Germany. With a focus on feminist and postcolonial topics, Flinn Works performances and installations are research based and devised with a team of international artists.

Language: ENGLISH

Duration: 90 Minutes + additional optional Q&A with the Artists

  • Performance: Anne Hoffmann, Matthias Renger, Sonata, Crystal Travis, Jennifer Lynn Tune, Lea Whitcher
  • Direction: Sophia Stepf
  • Research & Text: Team Global Belly
  • Consultation: Dr. Anika König
  • Costume Design: Philine Rinnert
  • Music: Jörg-Martin Wagner
  • Video Design: Marc Jungreithmeier
  • Zoom Host: Konradin Kunze
  • Production Assistant: Alice Harrison
  • Production Management: Marit Buchmeier, Lisanne Grotz / xplusdrei Produktionsbüro

The 2021 Zoom Performance is a Flinn Works and SOPHIENSÆLE Production.

The 2022 shows are funded by Fonds Darstellende Künste as part of Neustart Kultur using funds from the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

flinnworks.de/en facebook.com/flinnworksinstagram.com/flinn_workstwitter.com/flinnworks

For enquiries contact the Networks Programme Manager.
This event is co-sponsored by the Reproductive Sociology research group.


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