29 Apr 2021 5:00pm - 6:00pm Online via Zoom


The History of Science, the History of Ideas, and Intellectual History: The Transmission of Science Question

This lecture will explore the spread of astronomical ideas from the cuneiform world throughout the Hellenistic oikumene from the 2nd century BCE onward. The speaker’s aim is both to bring the method of historical contextualism to bear on the question of the transmission of Babylonian astronomical science, and to suggest that intersections of the history of science, the history of ideas, and intellectual history open up a new perspective.

Francesca Rochberg is an American Assyriologist, historian of science, and Catherine and William L Magistretti Distinguished Professor of Near Eastern Studies at University of California, Berkeley. She has published widely on Babylonian celestial sciences and produced editions of cuneiform texts that set Babylonian science in various contexts, from cultural to cognitive history. Her research on ancient Mesopotamian and Greco-Roman traditions in astronomy and astrology has introduced the evidence of ancient cuneiform science into the philosophy of science through investigations of empiricism, prediction, logic, and reasoning.

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