2 Dec 2019 5:00pm - 7:00pm Audit Room, King’s College, Cambridge, CB2 1ST


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Rita Felski (Professor English, University of Virginia)

In conversation with

Francesco Giusti (Bard College Berlin/ICI Berlin)


Professor Rita Felski (University of Virginia) is visiting the Re- Network as part of the ‘Canons vs. Icons’ series on Monday, December 2nd (Audit Room, King’s College, 5-7pm), prior to delivering the Annual Tagore Lecture in Comparative Literature at UCL. Prof Felski will be in conversation with Re- convenor Dr Francesco Giusti (Bard College Berlin/ICI Berlin) on her forthcoming book Hooked: Art and Attachment (Fall 2020), in which she examines how and why we get stuck to works of art and makes a case for attachment as a much-needed key word for the humanities.



Professor Rita Felski is William R. Kenan Jr Professor of English at the University of Virginia and Niels Bohr Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, where she leads a large research project on “Uses of Literature: The Social Dimensions of Literature”. She is visiting the Re- Network prior to delivering the Annual Tagore Lecture in Comparative Literature at UCL. In her influential book The Limits of Critique (2015) and in an edited collection called Critique and Postcritique, co-edited with Elizabeth Anker (2017), Felski explores the passionate attachments that animate the so-called “critique”.


Dr Francesco Giusti teaches at Bard College Berlin and is currently affiliated with the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry. His work focuses on the history and theory of the lyric as a literary genre and as a discursive mode. He has published two books devoted respectively to the ethics and poetics of mourning and to creative and cognitive desire in lyric poetry: Canzonieri in morte. Per un’etica poetica del lutto (2015) and Il desiderio della lirica. Poesia, creazione, conoscenza (2016). He also co-edited, with Christine Ott and Damiano Frasca, the volume Poesia e nuovi media (2018). A conversation with Rita Felski was published in the Los Angeles Review of Books in late September 2019.

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