Computer Vision and the Digital Humanities: An Overview

13 May 2019, 13:00 - 14:30

SG2, Alison Richard Building, Sidgwick Site

This event is free to attend but booking is required. Please book your place here or use the online registration link on this page.

Dr Giles Bergel (University of Oxford)

Computer vision has made fundamental advances in recent years. Digital images can now be matched, differentiated and classified at scale, while applications such as facial recognition are increasingly ubiquitous. This presentation will give an overview of computer vision in the humanities, with an emphasis on cultural heritage collections and on critical and ethical issues with facial recognition.

Dr Giles Bergel is an academic book historian and a digital humanist. He is equally interested in how texts came into existence in books, and in how digital culture is changing the nature of the book (and much else besides). His interests include ballads, broadsides, chapbooks, typefaces, printers’ woodblocks, diagrams, copyright and book trade history. Giles is currently Digital Humanities Research Fellow for the Seebibyte project in the Department of Engineering Sciences at the University of Oxford and also teaches digital humanities at University College London.

This event will run from 1.00pm to 2.30pm and take the format of a presentation and discussion.