15 Jun 2011 12:00pm - 2:00pm CRASSH, 17 Mill Lane



According to the Guardian newspaper last year, the task of David Cameron's new 'nudge unit' is to make people healthier. But what is 'nudge' and how is it supposed to work? And how does it differ from past ways of changing (and studying) health behaviour, such as complex interventions? Is nudge really as simple as it seems? Join us to discuss these issues and more. The readings will help us delve into these questions and explore the theme of intervention. We will be linking this session to the first term topic of health behaviour through ideas of health research, scale and complexity.

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To access the Readings, please contact Rebecca

Menard, J.F. 2010. A 'Nudge' for Public Health Ethics: Libertarian Paternalism as a Framework for Ethical Analysis of Public Health Interventions?, Public Health Ethics 3(3):229-238 Jones, R. et al. 2010.


Jones R, Pykett J and Whitehead M. 2010.Governing temptation: Changing behaviour in an age of libertarian paternalism, Progress in Human Geography (online version pp.1-19)


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Part of the Health and Welfare Research Group seminar series.
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