WHO’S HERE? A brief introduction to new fellows joining CRASSH this Michaelmas Term. Feel free to contact our fellows and join our weekly Research Practice seminars. Visit our Fellowships Programme page to find out how to become a Fellow at CRASSH.

Joseph Bitney

Joseph is an Early Career Fellow at CRASSH in Michaelmas Term. His research focuses on classical Hollywood cinema, film criticism and theory, and the modern novel. During his time at CRASSH, Joseph will be beginning work on a new book project, tentatively titled ‘The Long History of Mise en Scène’.

Lily Díaz-Kommonen

Artist and researcher Lily is a Visiting Fellow at CRASSH in Michaelmas Term. During her stay at CRASSH, she will work on her project ‘New Spaces, new excursions’, on how the human notion of space exploration is changing partly due to the emergence of new technologies such as extended reality (XR).

Linn Holmberg

Linn is a Visiting Fellow at CRASSH until June 2024. During her Fellowship Linn will be working on her research project ‘Dictionary Craze: Transforming Knowledge across Early Modern Europe’ in which she studies the transnational process when the alphabetically organised reference work got its ‘big break’ on European book markets, and the intellectual and practical consequences that followed in its wake.

  • Research Practice seminar coming in Lent Term

Jenny Zhengye Hou

Jenny is a Visiting Fellow at CRASSH in Michaelmas Term. During her fellowship she will be working on a book project on enhancing the public understanding of disaster inequality as experienced by the culturally and linguistically diverse communities in the Western world.

Joanna Kusiak

Joanna is a scholar-activist and winner of the 2022-23 Nine Dots Prize. She will spend Michaelmas Term at CRASSH working on her book response to the Nine Dots Prize question ‘Why has the rule of law become so fragile?’

Pedro Mendes Loureiro

Pedro is an Early Career Fellow at CRASSH in Michaelmas Term. During his fellowship he will begin work on a new project studying the long-term reproduction and reconfiguration of social inequalities in Brazil.

Poorna Mysoor

Poorna is an Early Career Fellow at CRASSH in Michaelmas Term. She will use her time at CRASSH to complete the manuscript of her monograph ‘Copyright as Personal Property’, which provides an analytical exploration of the personal property attributes of copyright by drawing analogies from the law of tangible property.

Christine Schwöbel-Patel

Christine is a Visiting Fellow at CRASSH until July 2024. During her stay at CRASSH, Christine will be researching the international law of the green transition. She intends to demonstrate that the green transition, propped up by the international legal structures of neoliberal capitalism of the 21st century, is intended to save capitalism, not the planet.

Weiyi Wu

Weiyi is a Visiting Fellow at CRASSH in October 2023. During her stay she will start a new project on (Re)mediation of Nature in Hudson River landscape paintings, which is part of her long-term interest in landscape art. She plans to gather historical materials about Thomas Cole’s visit to England and Europe to find clues to his satirical paintings.



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