WHO’S HERE? A brief introduction to new fellows joining CRASSH this term. Please feel free to contact our fellows and join our weekly Research Practice seminars. Find out more about CRASSH’s Fellowships Programme.

Katrina Forrester

(Quentin Skinner Fellow)

Katrina is a political theorist and historian with research interests in twentieth-century and contemporary social and political theory – particularly in the history of liberalism and the left in the postwar US and Britain; Marxism, feminism, and psychoanalysis; climate politics; and theories of work and capitalism.

Leila Mukhida

(Early Career Fellow)

Leila will spend their Fellowship at CRASSH working on a new book project about queer German cinema. Their research will present an intersectional account of queer German cinema that, for the first time, foregrounds films featuring protagonists of colour. It will feature experimental films in which explorations of non-normative genders and sexualities are inextricably linked to a critique of empire, race, migration and whiteness.

Christine Schwöbel-Patel

(Visiting Fellow, joining in August 2023)

Christine’s current research projects focus on the themes of aesthetics and international justice, imperial rentier capitalism in the green transition, and trials of rupture. Rosa Luxemburg’s work and influence runs like a red line through her research and pedagogy.

Paola Tubaro

(Visitor, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy)

Paola’s research is inter-disciplinary and leverages synergies between sociology, network science, machine learning and artificial intelligence. She is currently researching the place of human labour in the global production networks of artificial intelligence, and the social conditions of digital platform work in French- and Spanish-speaking countries. She has also extensively published in the fields of data methodologies and research ethics.

Our Visiting Fellows Pazit Ben-Nun Bloomo, Duncan Large and Antti-Ville Villén are also still with us this term.



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