20 Years CRASSH: Global Conversations

CRASSH strives to serve at once to draw together disciplinary perspectives in Cambridge and to disseminate new ideas to audiences across Europe and beyond. 

A playlist of material from our archive on the theme of CRASSH's 20th anniversary year –

Global Conversations


Reni Eddo-Lodge and Priyamvada Gopal in Conversation

CRASSH Impact Series



Cornel West and Ben Okri: Literature and the Nation

Mellon CDI Invited Fellow



Patricia Williams and Heidi Mirza: Black Life, Law, Love and Survival in Times of Trump and Brexit

CRASSH Impact Series



Homi Bhabha and Phiroze Vasunia

CRASSH Impact Series



Kwame Anthony Appiah and Ash Amin: Cosmopolitanism

CRASSH Mellon CDI Visiting Professor



Natalie Zemon Davis and Amitav Ghosh: Storytelling and the Global Past



Judith Butler in Conversation with Simon Goldhill

Understanding Society Series (University of Cambridge Raven login required)



Emily Bell in Conversation with Mary Beard: Facebook Eating the World

Humanitas Visiting Professor



Regina Schwartz in Conversation with Rowan Williams: Loving Justice - Migrant Knowledge, Early Modern and Beyond

Migrant Knowledge, Early Modern and Beyond: an event at the Crossroads Conference



Michael Puett and Julia Lovell in Conversation

CRASSH Impact Series




Cornel West and MM McCabe: Philosophy in the Public Sphere

Mellon CDI Invited Fellow



Natasha Walter in Conversation with Simon Goldhill

Humanities Visiting Professor



Dan Schiller in Conversation with John Naughton and David Runciman

Technology and Democracy Research Project




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Posted: Wednesday 31 March 2021

Contributor: CRASSH News

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