A playlist from our archive on the theme of ‘Thinking about Society’, created in the context of CRASSH’s 20th anniversary.

Lord Giddens: Understanding Society – A Sociologist’s Perspective

CRASSH ‘Understanding Society’ Lecture


Marilyn Strathern: Taking Care of a Concept: Anthropological Reflections on the Assisted Society

CRASSH ‘Understanding Society’ Lecture


Michael Puett: Neoliberalism and History, or: How Should We Understand China?

CRASSH Impact Lecture


Dan M Hausman: Why Do Rich People Love Austerity?

The Politics of Economics Seminar


Vivien Perutz: The Impact of the Refugees on History of Art in Britain

Cambridge: City of Scholars, City of Refuge (1933-1945) Conference


Paolo Quattrone: Who Said Accounting was Boring? Rhetoric and the Making of ‘Socie-ties’

New Accounting for the Management of Ecosystems Conference


Paul Stevens: In Search of ‘Good’ Energy Policy: Fracking in the US vs Europe

In Search of ‘Good’ Energy Policy Research Network


The Financial Crisis: A Failure of Capitalism or Government Policy?

Soundbites, Mellon Sawyer Seminar Series


Helen Small: Active Citizenship: Democracy Needs Us

Active Citizenship, Public Engagement and the Humanities Group Series


Christena Nippert-Eng: Why Privacy?

Why Privacy? Conference


Michael Butter: The Continuing Attraction of Conspiracy Theory: From Dan Brown to Donald Trump

Conspiracy and Democracy Project


Paul Mason: Postcapitalism

Technology and Democracy Project


Ron Deibert and David Runciman on Reclaiming the Internet for Civil Society

Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy


Dibyesh Anand, Evren Savci, Lukasz Szulc

Queer and Conflict: Queering Authoritarianisms Conference




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