Tania Zittoun is Professor in sociocultural psychology at the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. She studies learning and development in the lifecourse, and her theoretical work draws on semiotic cultural psychology, psychoanalysis, and the social sciences, and addresses imagination and arts in human development. Her current empirical work addresses the development of adults via online diaries, and of older persons at a regional scale. She is Associate Editor of Culture & Psychology, and her last monographs include La fabrique de l’intégration (co-authored, Anthropos, 2020) and The pleasure of thinking (CUP; in press). She was a Research Fellow at Cambridge between 2000 and 2005.


At CRASSH, I wish to analyse a formidable data set and prepare a book project on a current project I am leading on the development of older persons in relation to their modes of housing in a Swiss Canton. Conceived as a regional case study, it integrates four subprojects, ranging from an analysis of the changing policies to observations of older person’s daily interactions and activities, and to a longitudinal follow-up of older persons. 

I will also pursue a more epistemological reflection, whereby I will with reflect on the relationship between individual trajectories, and the larger history. I will notably explore this via a dialogue with Professor Ivana Marková (Cambridge) via an ongoing project in which we analyse online diaries.

Finally, I just finished writing a book on The pleasure of thinking, at Cambridge University Press (Zittoun, In press); the production has just started,  and I wish to valorise it while in Cambridge. 


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