Dr K Kalyani is a sociologist and current Assistant Professor of Social Science, at the School of Arts and Sciences, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru. She researches social inequalities, gender, intersectionality, cultures of caste, sociology of music, and subaltern studies. Her upcoming book is published by Cambridge University Press.

She was awarded her doctorate degree in Sociology from the Centre for the Study of Social Systems (CSSS), Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. She has previously worked for the Julian J Studley Graduate Program in International Affairs, The New School, New York City, and has also served as lecturer at Delhi University. She has contributed her research to journals and edited volumes, including Social Change (Sage), Contemporary Voice of Dalit (Sage), Journal of Social Inclusion Studies (Sage), J-Caste (Brandeis University) and Local Development and Society (Taylor&Francis). She has published edited volumes with Cambridge University Press, Routledge, Springer publication and others. A believer in social justice, she also occasionally writes for the media and other public forums.


12 June 2024
‘Defiance, Disobedience and Dialogism: Exploring the multiple trajectories of anti-caste music’

Organised by the Center for South Asian Studies, Seminar Series. University of Cambridge


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Chapters in Books

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