Ahmed Fayed


Dr Ahmed Fayed is a visiting fellow at CRASSH in summer 2018.

The Collective Nature of Corruption: the case of Favoritism in the Egyptian Public General Secondary Education

This empirical exploratory research will rely on qualitative techniques to look at favoritism, which is a form of corruption, in the public general secondary education sector in Egypt. Favoritism impedes educational reform and decreases education equality and quality. This study aims to understand the main factors that influence and affect the phenomenon of favoritism. Thus, the focal question is “What are the variables that currently affect favoritism in public general secondary education in Egypt?” To answer this question, this research will use the collective action theory as its analytical framework. The main outcome of this research in addition to filling in the gap in the literature is to be able to highlight certain significant characteristics and variables that need to be properly addressed when developing an effective anti-favoritism policy in the Egyptian secondary education sector.


Ahmed Fayed is currently an assistant professor of public policy at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies. He earned his PhD from King’s College London where he researched corruption in education in Egypt. Fayed taught and conducted research at King’s College London, the American University in Cairo, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and Future University in Egypt. Fayed’s research focuses on corruption, education policies, and local governance across the Middle East with a focus on Egypt.


Visiting Fellow 2017-18


February 2018 - August 2018


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