Call for Papers: Rethinking Repetition in a Digital Age

12 June 2019, 12:00 - 19:00

Seminar Room SG2, First Floor, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge, CB3 9DT

Open to all but registration is required. Limited places.
To reserve a place, please book via email here.

Deadline to register: Wednesday 5 June 2019

Call for Papers
Deadline for abstracts: Tuesday 30 April 2019

Iteration as Persuasion Symposium:

The internet and new digital media technologies are increasingly talked about as ‘dangerous’, ‘deadly’ even, in terms of their imagined or felt societal implications. These conversations have tended to limit our ability to talk about what developments in digital culture are actually doing, in their present moment, and what they could do for us in the future. This interdisciplinary symposium is an attempt to engage each other in more complex discussions about re-directing the potentials of the digital. How does our engagement with the digital space trigger emotions, nudge behaviours, (re-)form habits, construct identities, (re)perform traditions, (re)produce beliefs?

We welcome papers that address these or any other possible potentials of the digital environment, and/or how we could harness its structures to a positive end, including the following topics:

  • How can the developing characteristics of social media be harnessed for potential good? i.e. collaborative social movements, transnational solidarity and digital counter-cultures.
  • What recent examples are there of deliberate strategies of repetition - both negative and positive - that use the structural affordances of a digital environment? i.e. Brexit, Trump election, the re-branding of political ideologies, contemporary myth making practices, etc.
  • How is disinformation both caused - and countered - by repetition? i.e. sharing, number, hits, followers, platforms, bots, images, search engines, likes, profiles, user histories, etc.

Students and researchers of all disciplines and levels, including artists, are encouraged to submit 200-300 word proposals for 15-minute panel papers, with a short biography. Informal enquiries can be addressed to Ruichen Zhang or Francesca Root.

Deadline for final abstracts is Tuesday 30 April 2019. Accepted applicants will be notified on 14 May.
Proceedings of the symposium will be published as a special issue of the AI and Society Journal.

Keynote speakers include:

Dr Ella McPherson (Lecturer in the Sociology of New Media and Digital Technology, University of Cambridge)
Geoff Stead (International thought leader on emerging technologies. Babbel, past senior Director of Mobile Learning at Qualcom, Head of Innovation at Tribal)

Panellists/discussants include:

David Wood (Art History, University of Cambridge), on digital multiplicity versus analogue scarcity in contemporary Mexican moving image culture.
Ruichen Zhang (PhD candidate, University of Cambridge), on Chinese humorous memes that re-use official propaganda.
Francesca Root, on Emily Dreyfus and the role of repetition in belief-formation.
Clare Foster (CRASSH, University of Cambridge), on behavioural scientist Maya Shankar’s view of the role of repetition in Trump’s election.
Isabel Guenette Thornton (Digital Sociology, University of Cambridge), on the social characteristics of virtual reality.

Open to all. Limited places. Please book via email here.
Part of the ‘Iteration as Persuasion’ series at CRASSH. An event event organised by 'Re-' Interdisciplinary Network.
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