Performing Split Selves: Doubles, Cyborgs and Multi-Identities in Theatre, Dance, Performance Art and Cyberculture.’

8 February 2010, 17:00 - 19:00



Steve Dixon (Brunel University)

Performing Split Selves: Doubles, Cyborgs and Multi-Identities in  Theatre, Dance, Performance Art and Cyberculture 


This paper examines the performance of doubles, cyborgs, split selves and multiple identities in technological theatre and dance, performance art and online environments. It is a multimedia presentation synchronised to a montage of video footage of work by artists and theatre companies including Stelarc, Paul Sermon, Marcel-li Anthunez Roca, Toni Dove, Igloo, Amorphic Robot Works and The Chameleons Group. The paper categorises four distinct types of digital double (reflection; alter-ego; spiritual emanation; manipulable mannequin) and goes on to demonstrate how cyborg and robot performances explore potent and conflicting ideas around control, evolution, posthumanism and dehumanisation. It concludes by examining how the multiple identities people explore in online environments such as Second Life reflect notions of both a new life and identity liberation, but also a type of spectral death and identity erasure. 


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