The Culture of Diagram: Visual Arrays and Patterns of Thought in Diderot’s Encyclopedia

30 October 2008, 17:00 - 18:30


John Bender (English & Comparative Literature, Stanford University)
Michael Marrinan (Art History, Stanford University)

Since the later eighteenth century, diagrams have been enlisted increasingly to represent complex natural processes, objects uncovered by scientific investigations, or intricate new mechanical inventions.  We argue that the emergent value of diagrams as working objects depends upon the open-ended nature of their representations. Today, process as knowledge is the premise real-time data systems, but the principal was explored well before computers in the early history of the culture of diagram.

The event is free to attend.  All welcome and registration is not necessary.

John Bender and Michael Marrinan are also participating in the colloquium, Visualising Knowledge, for which booking is required.

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