Making Babies, Making War: Turkish Media on IVF

21 April 2008, 17:00 - 18:30

Room 606 Centre for Family Research

Speaker: Burcu Gorgulu (Institute for Science and Society, University of Nottingham)

This presentation is based on a study of media coverage of IVF in Turkey between 2000-2006. The questions addressed in the paper are: How does Turkish mass media talk about IVF? What are the popular imaginaries and metaphors used that claim truth? How is the role of scientist/practitioner represented in relation to lay knowledge? How are the ethics of IVF conceptualized, or what is the role of religious authorities, public figures, or doctors in establishing these ethics? And how do these popular accounts relate to other “discourses”, i.e. medical, legal?

I aim to show that systems of thought that is formulated by the Turkish  media coverage impose a kind of structural obligation for subjects while determining their identities and that the operationalisation of subjectification is achieved through a particularistic discursive structure that signifies a “regime of truth” (Foucault, 1971).


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