LGBT+ History Month 2021

A selection of CRASSH events from our archive around the theme of queer history, equality and social justice.

To celebrate LGBT+ History Month we have put together a selection of recordings on the theme from our archive.


Queer Migrations: Transnational Sexualities in Theory and Practice Conference

Keynote: Professor Gayatri Gopinath (New York University), ‘Unruly Visions: The Queer Regional Imaginaries of Agha Shahid Ali and Sunil Gupta’
Followed by a Discussion and Q&A with Natasha Tanna (UCL)

Law and Activism

Chair: Lauren Wilcox (University of Cambridge)
Maryna Shevtsova (University of Lund), 'Queer Mobilisation and Search for Belonging: Political Activism among LGBTQ Migrants in Sweden and the USA’
Asia Stewart (Independent Scholar), ‘(In)visibly Queer: Assessing Disparities in the Adjudication of U.S. LGBTQ Asylum Cases’
Fadi Saleh (University of Göttingen), ‘The Legal Fallacy: Queer Asylum and the Question of Legal Persecution in Syria’

Arts and Culture

Chair: Leila Mukhida (University of Cambridge)
Nicholas de Villiers (University of North Florida), ‘Queer Diaspora in Tsai Ming-liang’s French and Malaysian Films’
J Daniel Luther (London School of Economics and Political Science), ‘Curating Queer and Asia: The Film Festival as a Critical Public Sphere
Nadia Atia (Queen Mary University of London), ‘The Figure of the Migrant in Anglophone Queer Arab Writing’

Sexual Health and Reproduction

Chair: Geoffrey Maguire (University of Cambridge)
Marcin Smietana (University of Cambridge), ‘LGBTQ Reproductive Migrations and Queer Reproductive Justice’
Arthur Davis (University of Cambridge), ‘Temporalities in Tension: Rethinking the Sexual Migrant in Epidemiological Research and Clinical Practice’



Susan Stryker – Transgeneration: Or, Becoming-With My Monstrous Kin

Beyond Binary: Trans and Queer as a Disruptive Technologies conference

In this keynote address, Susan Stryker tells the story, from her perspective, of how the essay 'My Words to Victor Frankenstein Above the Village of Chamounix' entered the world and what that monstrous assemblage has been doing since it found its way into print. In doing so, she charts a trajectory across queer theory in the 1990s, the emergence of transgender studies as an increasingly legible field, the shift in cultural studies toward questions of ontology and technicity, and new articulations of transness and blackness within contemporary social theory.

The symposium was organised by lgbtQ+@cam with support from CRASSH and the University of Cambridge's Department of Sociology. 




Lawrence Alexander – Disruptive Technologies? Queer Strategies of Resistance in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Digital Art Research Network seminar

Audio only, section begins at 28:00


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Posted: Wednesday 3 February 2021

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LGBT+ History Month 2021