A Contrastive Approach (Corpus Linguistics)

Published by Springer, 2023

Edited by Annamária Fábián

Stefanie Ullmann: The Representation of Refugees, Migrants and Migration in the British Media Discourse of 2015

Though the refugee crisis was discussed in many countries e.g. in Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain long before 2015, it began to receive cross- European press coverage only after Angela Merkel’s statement ‘Wir schaffen das!’ on the August 30th 2015

This data-based study focuses on, how journalists report on and leading politicians make statements about refugeesmigrants and asylum seekers in media and frame these humans after Angela Merkels’ sentence in 2015 until the end of 2017. This volume uses mainly Corpus Linguistics but also Communicative Science for the analysis of labelling strategies and the usage of words, collocations and grammar systems used by journalists and politicians in different European countries in comparison. This empirical volume pictures language specific variation and change of labels. To enable a contrastive study between the press discourses of many European countries, every chapter analyses the data consisting of newspaper articles describing the discourse of a particular country, including discourses of some transit countries around the borders of the Schengen Area of the European Union, which barely have been covered in other studies.


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