6 Jun 2024 09:00 - 16:00 S3, 3rd floor Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road


An event by the Military Surplus: Toxicity, Industry and War research network.

The workshop is invitation-only. However, interested PhDs, ECRs, postdocs, or visiting scholars should email zdi20@cam.ac.uk to see if there’s room to join.
Participants will be required to circulate a draft of the work they’d like to workshop by the end of May (at the latest).

The workshop will provide PhDs, postdocs and ECRs with space to discuss their projects, received feedback, discuss conceptual approaches and methodologies, resolve dissertation/manuscript stumbling blocks, and network with scholars pursuing similar research themes and topics.

The workshop hopes to tackle a range of issues encountered within the field of (post)conflict, war, and military studies, including:

  • Definitions and concepts of militarisation vs militarism(s). What needs reworking/reconsidering?
  • How to include multispecies perspectives and more-than-human actors
  • Storying the (global) history of the military-industrial complex
  • Diversifying studies of war and conflict. How to best incorporate research from the Global South/regions considered marginal or peripheral
  • Activist perspectives, demilitarisation/anti-militarism, and the need for critical military studies
  • Citational ethics and practices
  • Emerging frameworks (e.g. posthumanist critiques, feminist military studies, and interdisciplinary studies of war)
  • How to best engage with memory and affect in (post)conflict zones
  • Fieldwork challenges, difficulties and tensions in war-zones
  • Apprehending the immaterial, molecular, and residual


For enquiries please contact the Research Networks Programme Manager.

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