30 Nov 2023 18:00 - 20:00 Online


LASER Talks at Cambridge in collaboration with LASER UCLA


Satinder Gill and Chrysi Nanou (Centre for Music and Science, Cambridge University) and Victoria Vesna (Art|Sci Lab, UCLA),

On 1 June 2023, we held the first part of this LASER series on Decolonising AI with guests Amir Baradaran and Mashinka Fruits Hakopian.

This LASER discussion launches the special issue on Decolonising AI in the AI & Society Journal, co-curated by Victoria Vesna and Amir Baradaran. Artists are well-placed to ask critical questions of access, agency, and equity in relation to AI and its impact on the art ecosystem. These include the encoding of bias and the (digital) marginalisation of various social groups. Such critique of AI allows for the emergence of knowledge that stems from, or lives through, cosmologies marginalised or erased through colonisation, and presents how they can be re-centered through processes of decolonisation, i.e. through questioning patterns of power shaping our intellectual, political, economic and social worlds.

The authors/speakers will present a diversity of cultural perspectives on the issues around AI and Art, from their personal experiences as artists. Each artist demonstrates their active engagement with technology, interrogating its implications and conjecturing about our potential futures with it. At its core, the future of these developments remains an enigma; and artists see their ‘role’ as being to caution [us] about potential pitfalls and to present alternative approaches to artificial intelligence. In their discussion they expose us to multiple points of view on Artificial Intelligence and offer an opportunity to consider another “I” in AI.

We warmly welcome you to join us.

Speakers/artists’ writings

The Cambridge LASER talks (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendez-vous) questions the separation and propagation of art and science as distinct categories of knowing and being. We ask, ‘What is creativity in science and the arts? What is experimental practice in art, science, or philosophy? Where do scientific and artistic attitudes, inquiries, methods overlap? How do they differ and complement each other? Can such understanding help shape our technological, urban, economic, and environmental futures for an ecologically and socially sustainable life and wellbeing’.

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