8 Nov 2023 18:00 - 19:30 Room GR 06/07, English Faculty, 9 West Road, Cambridge CB3 9DP


An event organised by Cambridge Digital Humanities

The Eye of the Master: A Social History of Artificial Intelligence (Verso, 2023)


Matteo Pasquinelli is Associate Professor in Philosophy of Science at the Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice. His writing has appeared in AI and Society, e-flux, Multitudes, Radical Philosophy, and the South Atlantic Quarterly, amongst other journals.


What is AI? A dominant view describes it as the quest “to solve intelligence” – a solution supposedly to be found in the secret logic of the mind or in the deep physiology of the brain, such as in its complex neural networks. The Eye of the Master argues, to the contrary, that the inner code of AI is shaped not by the imitation of biological intelligence, but the intelligence of labour and social relations, as it is found in Babbage’s “calculating engines” of the industrial age as well as in the recent algorithms for image recognition and surveillance.

The book presentation will be followed by a drinks reception.

Find out more about the book.

The room is wheelchair accessible. If you have specific accessibility needs for this event please get in touch. We will do our best to accommodate any requests.

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