25 Mar 2024 09:30/10:00 - 13:00 Atrium, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge


inReach artist takeover

  • 09:30: Breakfast showing of the inReach exhibition at the Alison Richard Building (including pastries)
  • 10:00 Workshop begins, Families welcome, minimum age 7

My hero is not like the movie heroes…

Join Ministry of Stories for a heroic writing workshop! You’ll play word games, meet new people and create group and individual poems on the theme of heroes. We’ll think, and write, about heroes from lots of points of view: What makes a hero? Who has been overlooked? Who is your personal hero? There will be the chance to share your writing and, most importantly, we’ll have lots of fun!

Ministry of Stories is a London-based charity which champions the writer in every child. Co-founded by author Nick Hornby in 2010, we help young people write brighter futures for themselves through the power of their ideas and imaginatio through innovative writing programmes and one-to-one mentoring for children, working in schools and at our dedicated writing centre in east London.

Children's drawings descriptions of heroes.

Jessica Randall is the Writing Programme Manager at Ministry of Stories, a children’s writing and mentoring charity in east London. She has a background in theatre for young people and is the winner of two national playwriting awards. Her short stories have been published by Aesthetica and Mslexia magazines. She lives in London with her family, which includes a very roguish cat called Lightning.

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About the inReach project

About inReach – /ɪn riːtʃ/

  1. inside the distance to which someone can stretch out their hand.
  2. within the capacity of someone to attain or achieve something
  3. (inversion of ‘outreach’) considers the expertise of those usually closed off from academic and artistic reception.

The term ‘inReach’ signifies any action which reshapes elite institutions as inclusive domains through centrally placing work by people otherwise absent in traditional arts and academic spaces. This series will critically question and therefore set to prove false the too-common trope that certain people are ‘hard to reach.’ By bringing artists, academics, and key local publics together via CRASSH, inReach will amplify the underacknowledged value of lived expertise of socially marginalised people, while also fostering ongoing debates about transience, stigma and inequality in the UK.

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