29 Mar 2023 18:00 - 19:00 Online


Library founder, artist and experimental Philosopher Jonathon Keats will demonstrate protocols and techniques for conducting research in the Library of the Great Silence and how the arrangement and organisation of transformational objects can be used to elucidate the past trajectory of civilisation in the interest of prediction, intervention and innovation. Followed by a panel discussion with artist and podcaster Robert Good.

From the catastrophic impact of climate change to the enduring threat of nuclear annihilation, modern civilisation is in danger. Overseen by the conceptual artist and experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats, the Library of the Great Silence is a unique research facility dedicated to examining existential risks of the present, and to facilitating discussion about future flourishing, by investigating societal transformations from the past.

Instead of shelving books, ‘The Library of the Great Silence’ collects objects, each of which is open to interpretation by everyone. Objects are chosen based on their pivotal significance. Examples include stone tools, gold coins and silicon microchips.

Members of the public as well as places, museums and institutions are invited to bring or nominate objects for the Library. The objects will be displayed in an exhibition at the Alison Richard Building and also collected online with the Twitter hashtag #LibraryOfGreatSilence.

For more information and a full programme of activities visit the Library of the Great Silence page.

This event is part of the Cambridge Festival 2023.

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