This event spans multiple dates:
25 Feb 2023 14:00 Robert Cripps Gallery, Magdalene College, Cambridge CB3 0AG
17 Mar 2023 17:00 Robert Cripps Gallery, Magdalene College, Cambridge CB3 0AG


Space, physical and digital, has become more hotly contested than ever in post-pandemic times. After Abstraction explores how music, meaning and movement are articulated across different spaces and media.

Produced by CDH Research Fellow Annja Neumann as part of her research on Re-staging public spaces, this multimedia performance invites participants to become part of Cross-Connections, an exhibition of the paintings by Ruth Rix with prints by Helga Michie at The Robert Cripps Gallery, Magdalene College, Cambridge. A second performance will run as part of the Cambridge Festival event ‘Discovering the Living Space’. Inhabiting the exhibition space, a vocal ensemble led by Syamala Roberts and Lea Luka Sikau interprets musical works that inspired Rix while she worked in her atelier, ranging from Ariel Ramírez’s Missa Criolla, the choral music of Johann Sebastian Bach to more experimental soundscapes by Austrian composers Peter Ablinger and Klaus Lang.

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  • Saturday 25 February 2023
    After Abstraction – The Soundscape of Shapes in the Works by Ruth Rix and Helga Michie: an experimental musical performance and a talk by Rüdiger Görner.
  • Friday 17 March 2023 (Cambridge Festival event)
    Discovering the Living Space: an exploration of space, real and imagined, in times of movement and migration. Music performance and panel discussion.

The events are organised in collaboration with Magdalene College and supported by the DAAD.

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