6 Mar 2023 12:00 - 14:00 Postgraduate Common Room, Faculty of Philosophy, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DA


An event organised by the Illuminating Friendship research network.


  • Shilpa Phadke (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai)
  • Nithila Kanagasabai (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai)
  • Subha Wijesiriwardena (CREA, New York)
  • Masshal Saif (Beaconhouse National University, Lahore and Alittlemore Studio (Personal Design Practice))
  • Yusra Alvi (National College of Arts Lahore)


Relative to romantic love, friendship has received relatively little attention in both written and cinematic texts. In the past two years, with pandemic-enforced periods of physical distancing and isolation, our friendships have transformed in a variety of ways. In 2020, a call was sent out inviting women and genderqueer folks to reflect on friendship; we received over 250 pitches for essays, poetry, and artwork from women and genderqueer folks.

This panel draws on the book that came out of that call which will shortly be out titled, Yaari: An Anthology on Friendship by Women and Queer Folx. Shilpa Phadke and Nithila Kanagasabi, editors of the book, will reflect on the decision to focus on narratives of women and queer folx as well as the process of putting together an anthology on friendship in South Asia. Subha Wijesiriwardena will speak about her contribution to the anthology, titled ‘South Asian Feminisms, or how I learned to make friends,’ which draws attention to the continuing histories of South Asian feminist friendships. Masshal Saif and Yusra Alvi will show their contribution, titled ‘ Plotted Dosti,’ a photographic essay that maps their friendship onto the city of Lahore.

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