15 Nov 2022 17:30 - 20:30 Room SG1, Alison Richard Building, 7 West Road, Cambridge


In collaboration with Panorama Journal, we are delighted to present a programme of films created by Africa in Motion Film Festival’s short film competition 2022.

This screening is free and open to all. Please email rsvp@panoramajournal.org to reserve your place.

A collage of film stills from the Africa in Motion short film competition.

Featured films

Baba (2022)
Mbithi Masya | Kenya | 11 mins | Swahili, English | Rating 15
A six-year-old boy with the unique gift of teleportation struggles to understand people and the world around him.

From here to there (2022)
Remy Ryumugabe | Rwanda | 4 mins | Kinyarwanda | Rating 15
An old and wise woman sitting by the lake, reflecting on existence.

Grace (2022)
Johanna Makabi | France | 14 mins | French | Rating 15
Grace, 8, hates her neighbourhood and cheerleading, so she decides to join her father in space.

Immovable objects (2022)
Manu Kurewa | UK | 20 mins | English | Rating 15
A family finds themselves forced out of their home at the onset of the Covid pandemic.

In these trying times (2022)
Mohamed Sherif | Egypt | 21 mins | Arabic, English | Rating 15
As the inevitable end approaches, three friends try to adapt as the world falls apart around them.

Jeddi (Grandpa) (2022)
Hamza Atifi | Morocco | 19 mins | Arabic | Rating 15
A child sees his grandfather on his deathbed. Confused, he clings to an endemic legend.

10-minute interval

Jua kali (Hot sun) (2021)
Joash Calvin Omondi | Kenya | 18 mins | English, Swahili | Rating 15
Diana, a domestic worker, and her colleagues skillfully perform their cleaning duties against the backdrop of their privileged clients’ private struggles and shenanigans.

The star (La star) (2021)
Kevin Mavakala | Democratic Republic of Congo | 14 mins | French | Rating 15
With all means at hand, a director does everything possible to succeed in shooting his film. Unfortunately, his lead actress does not wish to facilitate his task.

Letters to the man I love (2021)
Brandon Clarke | South Africa | 17 mins | Afrikaans | Rating 15
Set within the aftershocks of South Africa’s Apartheid, a gay farmhand writes letters to his lover.

Sunday morning (Manhã de Domingo) (2022)
Bruno Ribeiro | Brazil | 25 mins | Portugese | Rating 15
Gabriela is a young pianist who will perform at her first major recital. However, a dream about her dead mother destabilizes Gabriela’s mind and heart, putting her presentation at risk.

The precious stone (La pierre précieuse) (2022)
Babacar Hanne Dia | Senegal | 20 mins | French, Wolof | Rating 15
Finding by chance, a precious historical stone on an archaeological site, two children decide to deliver it to the village authority.

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