13 Oct 2021 19:00 - 22:00 Central Lawn, Raised Faculty Building, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, CB3 9DA


We are very excited to present the CRASSH 20th Anniversary outdoor film festival!

Join us for an evening screening of international short movies, documentaries, animations, and experimental films on the theme of ‘Global Conversations’. Selected from over 1800 entries, the festival promises to entertain you with fun, thought-provoking, educational and surprising films from all around the world, none of which are longer than 5 minutes long!

We will also be showing a selection of Cambridge University’s ‘Cambridge Creative Encounters Shorts, 2020’, showcasing a wide variety of research.

Come along for this exciting evening on the central lawn of the Sidgwick Site‘s Raised Faculty Building.

Call for films graphic with old TV on a sandy beach.

Official Selection

International call for films

Hannah Anzi: Family typewriter
Zoë Armit: Behind the jugular
Sahar & Salman art workshop: Mina’s scream
Mykhailo Bogdanov: Vatna glacier
Rogerio Boo: Magical
Sunčana Brkulj: The tower
Alejandra Cardona: Kintsugi II
Nathan Ceddia: Iceberg licking society
Honey Clark: Silence is violence
Jack Davies: What’s left
Jen Davison: Normal again, for the first time
LC Davison: Stimming
Vojtech Domlatil: Morning
Damoon Fakhari: Untitled
Mohmed Fathi: Rawhya’s safe haven
Blue film: Imaginary scene
Akshat G: Spectre of the Mongolian Fringe
Ben David Garza: Farith
Avigail Graetz: My first zoom wedding
Mei Lian Hoe: Left unsaid
Magdalena Hutter: Plump
Evrim İnci: Fount
Natrice Miller: Bestie slide(s)
Luís Miranda: REM sleep
Katherine Mitchell: Stay
Art Monie: Covi(vre)
Blind Music: Memory and utopia: city as the concept of time
Momen Nabil: The invisible water
Minerva Navasca: Kamayan
Jack Osmond: Sumatra, Indonesia
Green Wasp Productions: My voice
Myriam Rey: Oh my water
Taqwa Sadiq: Mirrors from the past
Frankie Shaftain-Fenner: It costs nothing to be nice
Komeil Soheili: Baraka, the cow
Rodrigo Sopeña Fire extinguisher
Yu Sun: Love yourself
Gerard Walsh: Together | apart
Sheena Walsh: Mam’s old chair
Jeremy Weinstein: 21
Chen Sing Yap: Shift
Amaia Yoldi: Rabbit moth
Hao Zhou: Frozen out

Cambridge Creative Encounters

Emily Sandford & Alina Loth: Lunar space elevator
Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft & Riitta Hakkarainen: The annunciation in European culture and art
Surabhi Agrawal & Ali Assaf: Corrosion
Julia Hayes & Sorrel Milne: Thrive
Alicja Dabrowska & Sally Stevens: Waterscope
Stanimira Georgieva & Mariana da Cruz Pimental Vaz: An evening with Pedro Eustache

This Film Festival is realised in association with Enchanted Cinema.



Fiction and stories

Fire extinguisher

Directors: Rodrigo Sopeña, Joana Solnado
Spain, 5:00min

Iceberg licking society   

Director: Nathan Ceddia
Iceland, 4:40min


Directors: Damian Gonzalez, Jeremy Weinstein
USA, 1:54min


Director: Roberta Cunha
Brazil, 1:38min


Director: Chen Sing Yap
Canada, 3:27min

Mina’s scream

Director: Salman Vakili, Sahar Darvishzadeh
Islamic Republic of Iran, 4:45min

Rabbit moth

Director: Amaia Yoldi
Spain, 2:53min

My voice

Director: Afua Nuamah
UK, 3:23

Silence is violence

Director: Charlotte Imbert
UK, 4:37min

Together | Apart

Director: Gerard Walsh
Ireland, 3:00min

Life and documentaries

My first zoom wedding

Directors: Avigail Graetz, Eitan Herman
Israel, duration 2:23min

Baraka, the cow

Director: Komeil Soheili
Islamic Republic of Iran, 4:30min

Family typewriter

Director: Hannah Zalis-Anzi
Israel, USA, 5:00min


Director: Evrim İnci
Turkey, 4:17min


Director: Inees Bouras
France, 4:56min


Director: Daniel Tonatiuh Guzman Campos
Mexico, 4:20min

Mirrors from the Past

Director: Taqwa Sadiq
UK, duration 5:00min

What’s left

Director: Jack Davies, Massimo Amici
Italy, 1:29min

Rawhya’s safe haven

Director: Mohmed Fathi
Egypt, 4:45min

Vatna glacier

Director: Mykhailo Bogdanov
Iceland, USA, 3:30min

Spectre of the Mongolian fringe

Director: Akshat Gangrade
India, 3:00min

Animated films

Imaginary scene

Director: Neda Goodarzi
Islamic Republic of Iran, 2:23min

Kintsugi II

Director: Alejandra Cardona
Switzerland, Colombia, 2:55min

Behind the jugular 

Director: Zoe Armit
Norway, 4:07min

Left unsaid

Director: Mei Lian Hoe
UK, 3:11min

Mam’s old chair

Director: Sheena Walsh
Ireland, 2:27min

Normal again, for the first time

Director: Jen Davidson
UK, 1:59min


Director: Vojtěch Domlátil
Czech Republic, 3:33min

Sumatra, Indonesia

Director: Jack Osmond
UK, 1:27min


Director: LC Davison
UK, 2:42min

The invisible water

Director: Momen Nabil Bakry
Egypt, Spain, 4:45

The tower

Director: Sunčana Brkulj
Croatia, 3:58min

Experimental films

Bestie slide(s)

Director: Natrice Miller
USA, 1:41min

Frozen out

Director: Hao Zhou
China, USA, 5:00min


Director: Minerva Navasca
Canada, Phillipines, 2:30min

Oh my water

Director: Myriam Rey
UK, France, 3:14min


Director: Magdalena Hutter
Canada, Germany, 4:18min

Memory and Utopia: City as the Concept of Time

Directors: GaoChao, WangRui
China, 2:08min

Love Yourself

Director: Yu Sun
UK, 1:28min


Director: Katherine Mitchell
UK, 4:59min

REM sleep

Director: Helena Brito
Portugal, 4:46min

Cambridge Creative Encounters

Cambridge Creative Encounters brings to life a collaborative journey between researchers and creatives through short films.

Lunar space elevator

Researcher: Emily Sandford
Creative: Alina Loth

The annunciation in European culture and art

Researcher: Ruth Jackson Ravenscroft
Creative: Riitta Hakkarainen


Researcher: Surabhi Agrawal
Creative: Ali Assaf


Researcher: Julia Hayes
Creative: Sorrel Milne


Researcher: Alicja Dabrowska
Creative: Sally Stevens

An evening with Pedro Eustache

Researcher: Stanimira Georgieva
Creative: Mariana da Cruz Pimental Vaz

Selection panel

Steven Connor (Director, CRASSH)

Inanna Hamati-Ataya (Principal Research Associate / ERC Principal Investigator ARTEFACT, CRASSH)

Fiona Hughes (Youth judge, participant in the Cambridge Film Festival Youth Lab)

Laura McMahon (Lecturer in Film and Screen Studies, University of Cambridge)

Leila Mukhida (Lecturer in Modern German Studies, University of Cambridge)

Siddharth Soni (Isaac Newton Trust Research Fellow, Cambridge Digital Humanities)

Heather Stallard (Communications, Cambridge Digital Humanities)

Hunter Vaughan (Senior Research Associate, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, CRASSH)

Matthew Webb (Executive Director and Trustee, Cambridge Film Trust)

Judith Weik (Communications, CRASSH & Art at the Alison Richard Building)

Mia Williamson (Youth judge, participant in the Cambridge Film Festival Youth Lab)

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