26 Mar 2021 2:00pm - 3:30pm ONLINE


Panel 5: Reinterpreting the French Radical Tradition 
  • Nicholas Habash: 'New Perspectives on Contemporary Marxist Spinozism in France: Alexandre Matheron'
  • Jacob Collins: 'Ex-centring or De-centring the Subject? Making Sense of the Sève-Althusser Correspondence'
  • Lang Wang: 'The Evolution of Anarcho-Feminist Discourse From 1870s to the Belle Époque'

This panel looks at configurations of the radical Left and figures in French Marxism and anarchism that have been overshadowed by their contemporaries and subsequent trends, especially, in the Anglophone tradition. Discussing the emergence of anarcho-feminism in the Paris Commune, Lucien Sève’s correspondence with Althusser, and Alexandre Mathéron’s Marxist reading of Spinoza; Lang Wang, Jacob Collins, and Nicholas Habash uncover side-lined voices on the Left. 

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