25 Mar 2021 4:00pm - 5:30pm ONLINE


Panel 3: Literature and Revolution
  • Emma Gomis: 'Her Material Life: Marxism in the Work of Marguerite Duras'
  • Owen Holland: 'Gerard Manley Hopkins's 'red letter' and The Wreck of the Deutschland'
  • Micol Bez: 'Translating political languages: leftist anti-racism between French and English Notes on the recent French reception of CLR James'

In his 1926 essay How Are Verses Made? Vladimir Mayakovsky poses the following question: ‘What basic propositions are indispensable, when one begins poetical work? First thing. The presence of a problem in society, the solution of which is conceivable only in poetical terms. A social command.’ This panel considers a number of solutions conceivable only in poetic terms. It brings together Emma Gomis’ examination of Marguerite Duras as a utopian, euphoric, idealist Marxist, Owen Holland on the importance of the Paris Commune for Gerard Manley Hopkins’ The Wreck of the Deutschland, and Micol Bez on the translation and reception of C. L. R. James in France. This panel thus offers several ways to approach what Mayakovsky calls the ‘social command’ behind works of literature. 

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