25 Mar 2021 11:00am - 12:30pm ONLINE


Panel 1: Revolutionary Desires, Defying Borders 
  • Robert Jackson:  'Translatability, Gramsci, and Anglo-French Marxism'
  • Jackquelin Frost: 'Anti-Imperialism and Proletarian (Homo)Sexuality: Daniel Guérin and Andrew Salkey'
  • Giulia Champion: 'Another Ship Across the Atlantic: Decolonising and Greening Marx in Postcolonial Francophone Thought'

This panel posits Marxism as a bridge, examining how revolutionary desires have fostered surprising and enduring encounters that cut across pre-established boundaries and walls. Robert Jackson examines Antonio Gramsci’s position at the nodal point between diverse socialist traditions, suggesting that the Gramscian lexicon has offered a lingua franca for Marxist discussion across the globe. Jackqueline Frost explores the development of an anticolonialist proletarian homosexuality, tracing the transnational connection forged between French communist Daniel Guérin, Jamaican novelist Andrew Salkey and Trinidadian theorist C.L.R. James. And, Giulia Champion probes how Marx’s monsters – his image of vampiric capital and were-wolf-like surplus value – have been displaced from their original context and integrated into the postcolonial Francophone world by scholars such as Édouard Glissant and Malcom Ferdinand.

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