26 Feb 2021 6:00pm - 7:30pm ONLINE


19 February 2021: Podcast I Peter Grey & Geraldine Hudson

26 February 2021: Live Q&A I Peter Grey & Geraldine Hudson (chaired by Beth Dubow)

Since the beginning of the modern witchcraft revival in the 1950s, witchcraft has often been understood as counter-magic that challenges the authority of 'man' (anthropos) and of human reason. The oppression of human bodies, particularly those of ethnic minorities, remains connected structurally and historically to the oppression of earth and environment; the logic of witch-hunting remains with us and remains at the core of the climate crisis. Peter Grey and Geraldine Hudson are both authors and artists who have explored the political significance of witchcraft in the Anthropocene, and in this panel they discuss their own experiences of apocalyptic witchcraft and its role in contemporary occulture, art and activism. 

Speaker Biographies

Peter Grey
Peter Grey is a writer and co-founder, with Alkistis Dimech, of the publishing house Scarlet Imprint. He is the author of the controversial Apocalyptic Witchcraft (2013), a unique interpretation of modern witchcraft which places it in the context of the Sabbat and in a landscape suffering climate and ecological collapse. His latest work is Lucifer: Princeps (2015), a study of the origins of the figure of Lucifer. His work has also appeared in numerous small journals and collections, such as The Fenris Wolf, as well as online: https://scarletimprint.com

Geraldine Hudson
Geraldine Hudson is an interdisciplinary artist and curator, currently based in Stockholm. She participates at the intersections of site, myth, psychological topography, otherness and the liminal experience of the magickal body. Drawing from initial psychogeographic work after her MA in 2006, where she was working with archetypes of the wild, sexuality and transgression in relation to carnival/ritual, place and event, her practice has gradually evolved to acknowledge her own relationship to the esoteric, as experiential research rather than anthropological study. As a curator she has recently been an active member and secretary of Fylkingen (Stockholm) alongside co-curating the biennial symposium Conjuring Creativity – Art & the Esoteric. She has also played an active role in various artist collectives – most recently the ecofeminist magickal activist group NKK, who have performed a number of rites both publicly and privately in various institutions in Stockholm. Geraldine’s website is: https://geraldinehudson.org

Chair: Beth Dubow is a doctoral student in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge.


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